HP Compaq Presario S3610LA perangkatlunak download gratis (ver. 2.­0.­481.­1611)

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HP Compaq Presario S3610LA (ver. 2.­0.­481.­1611) MSZIP dikeluarkan 2004.09.08.

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Kategori PC
Merek HP
Perangkat Compaq Presario S3610LA
Sistem Operasi Windows XP
Versi 2.­0.­481.­1611
Besar file 3.33 Mb
jenis file MSZIP
Dikeluarkan 2004.09.08
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Imaging Software Critical Update for HP Compaq Presario S3610LA This update is for HP Memories Disc Creator versions 1.­0 and 2.­0.­ This update replaces SoftPaq SP24016 and fixes two additional issues: 1.­ On some PCs,­ if HP Memories Disc Creator is used to write a CD or DVD,­ subsequent discs written with a different CD/­DVD writing program may be unreadable.­ 2.­ A compatibility issue between Apple's iTunes and Nullsoft's Winamp,­ resulting in Windows send/­don't send error messages.­ This update also includes the fixes that were previously released in Softpaq SP24016.­ Compatibility issue between HP Memories Disc Creator version 1.­0 and 2.­0.­ There is a compatibility issue between HP Memories Disc Creator versions 1.­0 and 2.­0.­ The issue occurs when you install the older version on top of the newer version,­ and then try to use HP Memories Disc Creator.­ The incompatibility between the two software versions causes Memories Disc Creator to fail.­ Error messages seen with this issue may include: "%­s - Error.­ The memories disc creator detected a problem and cannot continue" "system32hal.­dll" "Invalid BOOT.­INI file Boot from C:Windows\" Missing applications and/­or files These error conditions may delete certain files.­ If you see one of these error messages,­ your PC may not start up properly.­ Once these errors occur,­ you may need to perform a full system recovery,­ which erases all your data on the PC.­ Prevent this issue from occurring by installing this critical software update even if you don't use or have plans to use Memories Disc.­As a standard practice,­ HP recommends that all PC owners routinely back up and secure their personal data to help prevent data loss.­ Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows 98SE Microsoft Windows ME Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional Compatible devices: DC496A

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